New Features! Running Late, Final Note & More

Dear friends, we’ve been listening to your feedback and launched a few features that should improve your experience.

The “Running Late” link is now optional

There’s a new checkmark in your Settings saying: Allow clients postpone their due dates (include the “Running Late” link). For some users it’s a real deal-breaker, because they don’t want to ruin their client discipline.

We’ll notify you when reminders run out

When all reminders run out, we’re now sending a final email to you. This should free up your hands even more — you don’t have to check if the reminders finished. Here’s what this email looks like:

Here’s some news: we just sent the last scheduled reminder to Jane Doe. If you don’t receive a response from them anytime soon, it’s time to take the matter in your own hands and reach out manually.

You can now view scheduled reminders

View Reminders Menu

There’s “View Reminders” feature available now for each recipient. Just click “View Reminders” in the dropdown menu to the right of the recipient name. You’ll see what reminders are scheduled and which of them are already sent.