Pricing Update: Free Plan Now Has Unlimited Recipients

Dear friends, we’re making an adjustment to our pricing plans! The Forever Free plan now has unlimited recipients, but doesn’t include file upload features. We’re also lowering the price on the Basic Plan from $29/month to $12/month (we listened to your feedback). Take a look at the new pricing page with all the details.

New Pricing Plans

What does it mean for existing users?

The new plans are going live May 24, 2017. Here’s what the transition will look like for you if you’re on the Forever Free plan now:

  • From now on, you’re getting unlimited new recipients!
  • Existing requests with file fields will keep running as usual, and you can keep adding new recipients to them.
  • You won’t be able to add new file fields in the form editor, and we’ll omit file fields when you duplicate existing requests.

If you’re on the Basic Plan now, your plan will cost $12/month instead of $29/month (this change will happen automatically starting from the next month).